Pest Control – Keeping Bed Bugs at Bay

Bed bugs are one of the many common insects that can annoyingly infest houses. In fact, it’s not just houses that they can make their living quarters but also other places as hospitals, hotels, motels and inns. And with how they can adversely affect your quality of living, they sure must be thoroughly eliminated.

But of course, to dispose of bed bugs is not at all easy. Nevertheless it needs to be done if you do not want to be their personal blood bank. Apart from that, their bites may cause swelling and itchiness which may really be annoying. They can leave stains on fabrics, walls and floor too which might make your home look untidy and un-maintained.

Way back after the World War II, it is said that bed bugs had been almost eliminated with a pest control technique which uses DDT, a well-known pesticide. Still almost is always not enough and now bed bugs are back, this time conquering the rest of the world. Their spread to other previously bed-bug-free countries is primarily due to the increase of international travels.

Unfortunately today, the use of pesticides cannot be sure the 100% effectiveness of the bed bugs elimination process. Somehow, those bugs had learned how to be resistant to the chemicals effects. Apart from that, it’s not really advised to use chemical-based products as they can be hurtful to both the environment and human health.

And so to be exempted from their negative effects, resort instead to safer or greener pest control method. Or better yet, prevent their infestation. That way, you can really make sure that no ill effect will befall you or your house. How do you do that? Here are the general steps.

&#149 Implement an effective and regular cleaning. Doing so will warn you of their presence and will keep them from coming back after the removal process. Namely, with cleaning you’ll be able to see stains and smell a sort of sweet but pungent odor that indicates the bugs’ presence. If you do the cleaning regularly, you’ll be able to detect them immediately enough to avoid worse things from happening.

&#149 Cover or seal cracks and crevices. Those are spots where these small and flat bugs hide themselves waiting for the night to start their attack. Also on those spots is where they digest their meal. To cover or seal them is to basically prevent the bugs from a having a place to hide and thus blocking them from staying over your place.

&#149 Check before getting outside furniture in. Actually, this generally should be done to almost everything from outside house that can possibly be inhabited by bed bugs. Especially, this goes for those items that had been brought from travels. By inspecting if they’re in fact free of those bugs, you can prevent any of their negative effects.

Lastly, bed bugs can generally cause quite a few damages and discomfort. And so, it’s but logical to have them eliminated. Nonetheless it would be much better to instead keep bed bugs at bay as might save you from more tiring and exhausting work.

Preventing bed bugs is way easier than to have them eliminated. And so, keep them at bay to avoid the hassle of needing to implement steps to get those bed pests killed.

About John Payton

Bee control expert and founder of a bee control company
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